Posted by steveazar on February 1, 2011

Surprised? I know I am! The fact I’m blogging so soon after my last attempt at keeping you all informed and up to date.  One of my A-Teamers, Annissa, reached out yesterday and asked when was the next blog coming.  I think both her and Al will be pleasantly shocked to say the least, being the distance between blogs is so dang short. But here we go!

“Hard Road (Radio Mix)”, is in production as we speak. Artwork has been delivered and approved, CD’s are being burned, Ride’s media and promo team are gearing up for an all out assault in spreading the good word of this tune. I wrote this one with my buddy James House. I remember the writing session clearly, as it was the second song of the day. Usually for me, it’s the one you DON’T show up ready to write that sticks, and Hard Road on that inspirational spring day was just that. We were taking a break from what we were working on and just started talking about the effect on so many couples we knew who seemed to of had it all, and yet their sudden demise after all this mess with the economy turned everything upside down. Their relationships just couldn’t withstand the strain and stress of losing whatever it was (the big house, the beach house, the extra expensive cars, the private schools, country clubs, and even the trips to Paris- and I don’t mean Paris, Mississippi).

That’s real scary stuff ya know. You work so hard, for so long, and are deservingly rewarded for your efforts.  And then all the sudden, it’s all gone? Just like that? Hey I think about it all the time, it can keep me up some nights, trying to hold on to what we have and continue to make life better for my family. And in my case to not only keep, but find more people to dig what I do, buy the records, come see us in concert, become true fans of the music. I feel we all are experiencing this Hard Road! In some way or another, no matter what it is we do, most of us are all in the same boat right now.

Where there was “Sunshine”, now there are clouds. Where there were paved highways there are gravel roads and others covered in potholes, all things point to Hard Road! But hey, I believe every cloud has a silver lining and every bumpy road leads to smooth sailing and better times ahead for us all. This song I hope delivers that prophecy as it revels with optimism.  James and I felt compelled and moved enough to drop what we were working on and do something we felt was REAL.

“And when I get too tired, you can take the wheel from me”, says it all.  Any lasting relationships that I have personally witnessed has one common factor, In the toughest challenges, when the burden and load gets too heavy for one, no matter what it is, the other takes the wheel and carries them through it for a while. This role will switch back and forth in a love’s lifetime, and the greatest loves are seemingly always the best at this most unselfish feat. “For better or for worse”, WOAH, THOSE WORDS”…

And speaking of words! From the very mouth of Ride’s Harry “Bud” Nelson, “RELATIONSHIPS…RELATIONSHIPS…RELATIONSHIPS”! It’s all about that, in everything we do! So hold on tight to the ones that matter the most, cause that’s some powerful stuff!

I hope Hard Road (Radio Mix) finds a place in your hearts…and in your CD mp3 players. Sorry, but forgive me I cant help myself!!! he he he

I wish you all a fabulous February, no matter what the weather or how hard the road, and here’s to it getting better for us all.

Much Luv’