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Introducing Ride Records' newest artisT
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 debut ep

16 GOING ON 60
the debut EP

"Little Things"

“Drew, at 17, is way ahead of his years -musically, lyrically and soulfully. He’s a tremendous player and has a pure melodic voice that will grab a hold of you with every line. It has been wonderful working with, writing with and producing this incredible new talent and I am looking forward to introducing this song and the rest of his music to the world.”

Steve Azar, Producer

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 Newest release

Tyler Tisdale.Album Cover_edited.jpg

 Debut album

"Tyler has been an absolute joy to work with and produce.  I’ve loved every second we’ve spent together preparing him for his debut album release, If It’s All The Same To You. A product of Mississippi and a storyteller that has a whole lot to say, Tyler lays it on thick and with a voice all his own to match. He’s not afraid to put it all out there."
Steve Azar, Producer


The first two singles from  If It's All The Same To  You,  "She's The One" and "High" , debuted at #7 and #8 respectively on Apple Music best new Americana Songs and with over a million streams worldwide and counting!

For Booking: Contact Kevin Palmiero, TKO 

For Press: Contact Tracie Hitz, Hitz and Branding

Azar co-founded Ride Records in 2007 with Detroit business mogul Al Wisne. Ride Records has released 5 full length albums, IndianolaSlide on Over HereDelta Soul Vol. One, Down at The Liquor Store (Steve Azar & The Kings Men), and My Mississippi Reunion. Ride has also released the albums If It's All The Same To You by Tyler Tisdale, Plenty  by Walt Wilkins and Miles of Nowhere by Dave Hardin. 

On the album Slide on Over Here, the single "Sunshine (Everybody Needs a Little)" became the highest charting country radio single for an independent record label reaching top 20 and also garnered the #1 Music video on GAC.

Azar's single "Doin' It Right (Delta Mix)" from the LP Delta Soul Vol. One became the feature track in Sony Pictures Here Comes The Boom.

Azar has released a number of singles on Ride Records including, "Fly" which was written and recorded for the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships and was also the feature song in Sony Pictures film Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. 

My Mississippi Reunion won the 2021 Institute of Arts & Letters Best Contemporary Album and also features the official state song of Mississippi, "One Mississippi".


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